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Hi, I'm Chris!

This is My Story


Life Coach, Health Coach

Hello, you! I'm Chris ("Chris the girl"), trained Life Coach and Health Coach, among a host of other acquired skills!

I was living with a little buzzing. I pushed it aside again and again until one day, it pushed back harder. I felt like I was missing the point of my life. My wheels were spinning and fast, but I was going absolutely nowhere. I was frustrated and restless. "I've got things I want to do!" I shouted at the sky. Things I need to do. But the HOW was overwhelming. I bought book after book, took course after course, binged on podcasts soaking up all the self-help, motivational, entrepreneurial teachings I could find. In my desperate need to change, I bought so many books, I probably have a full shelf I haven't even read still. And yet, I failed to move forward. I was consuming knowledge, but knowledge isn't DOING.

I needed to be doing, not just hoping and dreaming. I stumbled upon life coaching. It was game-changing in my life. I felt empowered. I gained control of my own life, of my own actions and thoughts. I learned how to get out of my head, and out of my own way. I applied these seemingly small strategies that I learned and I saw real results in my life. Happier. Motivated. Capable. I felt in control. I felt better able to handle all the things life throws at me. And with all my heart, I knew I needed to help others find the same.

Now I coach incredible people, possibly just like you! I help people who feel overwhelmed and stuck in their patterns get in the driver's seat, get control of their lives and go after their goals!

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