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Episode 1: Little Steps

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Episode 1

This podcast is about how LITTLE shifts we make in our habits can actually produce HUGE results in our lives and most importantly in our happiness. 

Why just “A little bit better?” The massive multi-billion dollar Self Help industry indicates how many people who are looking to better themselves, or who aren’t feeling fulfilled or happy with where they currently are in their life.

That's a lot of people who feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or stuck where they are and cannot find a way out, or a way to move forward on their own. That's a lot of people who are seeking to be a little bit (sometimes a lot) better. So, why can't we get there? We need to understand our primitive (or lizard) brain, the instinctual part of our brain that manages automatic behaviours that keep us safe. Basically it’s not hard wired to make big leaps at a time to make change, even when that change is for something really good or really exciting.

You an incredibly exciting goal that fires you up and you are so driven to reach it, but you aren’t there. You try and you fail, you try and you fail. We know WHAT we want but GETTING THERE seems like a massive leap and that scares our primitive brain. Our primitive brain goes “Hmm… is this familiar? Familiar has been done and we’re safe. So familiar equals safe, equals good, equals no panic, no pushback."

Whereas something that is unfamiliar to our primitive brain, something unknown - yes even a thought! - is viewed as dangerous. Our brain doesn’t know if it’s safe. Our brain is doing it’s job, which is to keep us safe. It’s self-preservation. So it wants to keep us in the familiar. And that is why whether our goals are big, medium or small, we often cannot get there, because of the hardwiring protection of our primitive brain. So we’re doomed? No. It just means that when we desire change in our lives, the best way to get there, the most effective way to get lasting (or sticky) results, is by taking little steps. Small steps, bite size chunks, one at a time, to help nudge our primitive brain to make the changes needed to move us towards our new state, our new goals. Find me at or on IG and Facebook @thisisalittlebitbetter

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