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Episode 5: Decisions, decisions!

I just can’t decide what to write… Oh, er hello! 

May as well dive in! In this episode we talk about how sitting in indecision effects our goal getting and the repercussions it has physically and mentally. Eeeek!


Indecision can translate into missed opportunities because if you let it go on long enough your indecision becomes the decision and that can lead to regrets and unhappiness.


There is so much freedom in body and mind, in being able to make decisions big and small.

Here we delve into what indecision is and how to get through it so you can move towards living the life YOU CHOOSE. 

Make the decision to grab a pen and paper if you have some nagging indecision you’d like to tackle and let’s transform you into a decision making master!

Find me at or on IG and Facebook @thisisalittlebitbetter

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