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Episode 3: Gratitude, is the attitude!

Let's look at the intentional practise of gratitude. There’s got to be a reason so many people are now doing it!

Gratitude resets us, especially when we aren’t naturally prone to a gratitude first attitude. Gratitude gives us a pause from steam rolling into another day with our heads full of to-do’s and annoyances and stresses big and small. It helps us recognize good things in our lives and when we make gratitude a daily habit, it opens us up to seeing and recognizing good things and good intentions in people along our whole day. We become more open and emotionally available to ourselves and to others, we also become more forgiving of our own mistakes and imperfections and those of others.

We look at other benefits of practising gratitude and 3 different ways to reap those benefits.

THANK YOU for listening!

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