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Is this it?! with Kim Fitzpatrick

In this episode, I am thrilled to have Kim Fitzpatrick as my guest. Kim despite major hurdles, is an inspiration for how living your best life is possible. While her inspiring journey started before she took her first breath, she took hold of her life's trajectory one day when feeling stuck and unsatisfied in life when she looked at her husband Jamie and asked "Is this it?!" Join us in this conversation where we get real and raw about hardships, mindset and rising above. Kim's energy is incredible and she lays things out as they are while pushing and mentoring people to grab hold of the life they want. Kim is the mom of two (and one fur baby), and married to her best friend and business partner Jamie. She is the founder of two thriving businesses; a social media company that focuses on Health, Wellness and Business Leadership, and Legacy By Kim a headband line, and gift-a-head band give back program, for women walking through cancer and remission.

She is incredibly passionate about empowering others to reach their full potential, live limitlessly and to live their best life, physically, mentally and financially. I hope you feel inspired to live your best life after listening! You can too. Find Kim: IG: @kim_m_fitzpatrick Legacy by Kim @legacybykim ------------ Sign up to be first in line for my February Group Coaching program for Moms! Go from "Wtf?!" to "I GOT this." Want to chat? Book a complimentary coaching session to see where you are, where you want to be and how I can help you get there. Gain confidence, gain control of your life. Yes, you can! Find me at or on IG @thisisalittlebitbetter

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