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Part 1: Stress, doesn't do a body good.

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Everybody is feeling heightened stress from pandemic living. Seems natural but stress has negative effects on the body! Thank goodness, you can combat that. Chris talks about noticing how your body is holding stress and how to find ways to reduce it, and the negative effects it has on the body. There's a little body science and tools on how to switch your body into a relaxed state by turning on your parasympathetic system (that's the body science bit!)

Is TIME a stress trigger for you? Sign up for Chris's course Take Back Your Time.

Available now - early bird pricing (almost half off!) ends on Oct 15th 2020!

Better your mindset about time, learn tools and strategies to confidently manage and take the stress out of your schedule and live life with you at the helm.

Find me on IG @thisisalittlebitbetter/


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