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Whole Health Tune-Up

A body and mind health check-in and goal strategy session!

$269  |  1.5 Hours

Your body takes on mental and physical stress, and changes during the various stages of your life. This session takes a look at how your body systems are functioning, your challenges and goals, and helps you create a plan so you feel energized and good in your body. There's a little bit of mindset work too of course - they go hand in hand!

This session is great for everyone, and especially women in their 30's and 40's who have been pregnant and/or are in or wishing to learn about optimizing their health before, during, and beyond menopause.

What's Included
  • 1-1 coaching session online or in person*

  • Body systems check-in, health history, health concerns discussions

  • Set actionable, realistic goals

  • Light body systems teaching (where applicable)

  • Tools, strategies, & worksheets (if applicable)

  • Written action plan with doable steps

*Depending on location





1.5 hours


Who is this for?

Literally everybody! Especially great if you are feeling exhausted, tight (not as mobile or flexible as you'd like!), or achy, have concerns about your physical health or performance, or are interested in learning about women's health and/or preparing yourself for- or understanding menopause and how our bodies and their needs change over time.

Do I need to prepare or have a specific issue before beginning?

Nope - if something feels off or stalled, we'll get to the bottom of it!

If you do know what you want to tackle or work on, bring that to the table and we'll get right to it.

What's the commitment?

One and done, Baby! This is a one-time session. No further commitment. You can book this whenever you feel like you need a little boost or check-in. If you ARE looking for regular support though, check out my 12-week personal health and fitness program.

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