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Words My Way


A truly personalized affirmation deck. 

Each card has a lead word, followed by more interpretations of the theme. The rest is blank space for you to curate to your specific interpretation and intention for the chosen word. Write, doodle, circle words that resonate, or cross off words that don’t. Jot down a goal, action step, reminder, or motto or phrase that embodies the message and power that you want to draw from your card.


Uniquely Personalized


The Words My Way affirmation card deck and journal are yours to personalize. Write exactly what you need and want to hear, manifest, and embody!

Make these affirmations entirely yours, in your words, your way!

Included with the 56 individual word cards is a matching pocket-sized guided affirmation journal!

This journal is the card deck in journal form! It's extra space for you to use and offers writing prompts as coaching guidance to help you explore each affirmation more deeply.


Explore Deeper 

Prefer journals over cards or want a little more coaching? The full-sized guided affirmation journal is the Words My Way card deck in journal form for you to explore, completely customize, and dive into your affirmations.

This regular-size (it's not a mini!) journal includes all 56 words from the deck, with the writing prompts AND additional coaching guidance so you can expand upon your intentions and thoughts further. There are extra blank pages at the back if you need more room, wish to repeat words, or want to come up with your own!

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